Sustainable from the heart. We create timeless garments that make you feel at home, make you feel good about yourself and lasts for many years. Every piece is designed with much love and care for all the details by using 100% soft organic cotton in superior quality only.

Bayama was founded in 2019 in Vienna, Austria.


"As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy"


What makes Bayama stand out?

We at Bayama make our decisions based on our responsibilities towards Humans, Nature & Ethics.

Supporting Bayama not only means supporting small businesses, it also means making a conscious choice about what we wear and where our garments come from.

Our core values:

  • High quality pieces with timeless fit
  • Sustainable materials, suppliers & production
  • Sustainable packaging (30% grass / 70 % waste paper)
  • Animal cruelty - free
  • Human ethical: Employees in our production are paid fair wages (50% above regulated wages), are provided with professional equipment and get to work in a safe environment regarding noise exposure, air quality and several other security aspects.



For any kind of questions or inquiries please use our contact form or reach out to us here. For further Informations and updates make sure to follow us on Instagram